JOBS. Forms and Spaces of Work in Central Emilia

Food Distribution Logistic Headquarters  Michele Borzoni

Bodies and Machines at Work  William Guerrieri

An Interdisciplinary Survey of Central Emilia

Photographs by Allegra Martin, Nicolò Panzeri, Andrea Pertoldeo, Andrea Simi

Surveys by Marta De Marchi, Cristiana Mattioli, Michela Pace, Stefano Saloriani

Edited by Antonello Frongia, Stefano Munarin, Federico Zanfi

Coordinated by William Guerrieri

DEMB, Modena,12 April – 20 May, 2023.

The research project Jobs. Forms and Spaces of Work in Central Emilia by Linea di Confine for Contemporary Photography led to the creation of two surveys, with the support of the SF 2020 call from the Ministry of Culture.

The first part of the project, carried out in 2021, concerns logistics and sorting centres for food products between Reggio Emilia and Bologna, led by Michele Borzoni, and ‘human intervention’ in the organisational context of Industry 4.0, led by William Guerrieri in automotive and industrial control systems sectors, between Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The second research project carried out in 2022 is an interdisciplinary research focusing on four production sectors: manufacturing, agrifood packaging, logistics and the advanced tertiary sector. On these production sectors, four photographers (Allegra Martin, Nicolò Panzeri, Andrea Pertoldeo and Andrea Simi) and four researchers (Marta De Marchi, Cristiana Mattioli, Michela Pace and Stefano Saloriani) under the supervision of Antonello Frongia (photography historian), Stefano Munarin and Federico Zanfi (urban planners), gathered pictures, data and stories to draw a contemporary map of work and understand how the territory is changing in the age of an increasingly elusive and apparently immaterial new economy.

This part of the exhibition presents the photographic journey conducted by Allegra Martin on the Bologna Interporto, by Nicolò Panzeri on the Packaging Valley, by Andrea Simi on the ceramic industry, and Andrea Pertoldeo on the Innovation Park in Reggio Emilia.

The exhibition will take place at the conference location, in the “Marco Biagi” Department of Economics in Modena.

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